SFAB Sustainability

Composting Cube Educational Campaign 

#ExerciseSustainability for a greener future


Join Us! In UCSD’s goals to:

  • Achieve zero waste by 2020
  • Achieve climate neutrality by 2025
  • Design and build more efficient facilities

Get Involved: http://sustain.ucsd.edu/involve/orgs.html#Social-Sustainability-Organizat


Composting On Campus

Earth Cube Composter at RIMAC Annex

  • Reduces up to 50 lbs of waste/day
  • Provides fertile compost back to the campus
  • Runs on solar power
  • Is just the start!

Projects on Deck:

  • Solar energy at various facilities
  • Addition of recycling bins at campus sports facilities
  • Infiltration basins to harvest rain water
  • #ExerciseSustainability education campaign

How are we Meeting UCOP Sustainability Goals:

  • Green Building
    • MBAC LEED - for existing buildings Platinum
    • RIMAC LEED - for existing buildings Silver
    • Triton Ball Park LEED
    • Spanos Atheltic Training Facility LEED
  • Climate Change and Clean Energy
    • Canyonview Aquatic Center solar water heating
    • Canyonview Aquatic Center Lighting Retrofits
    • RIMAC Lighting Retrofits
    • RIMAC energy efficiency upgrades
  • Sustainable Transportation
    • Bike friendly facilities
    • CNG and electric vehicles added to our fleet
  • Sustainable Operations
    • Green Cleaning Products
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling
    • Earth Cube composters installed at RIMAC Annex
  • Sustainable Purchasing
  • Sustainable Food Service
    • Composting of Coffee grounds at retail coffee locations
    • Fair Trade and local vendors
  • Sustainable Water Systems
    • Reduction of potable warer at Muir Field with synthetic turf installation
  • Carbon Neutrality Initiative: emit zero-net greenhouse gases from UC buildings and vehicle fleet by 2025

Learn more at: http://ucop.edu/sustainability/index.html