Auxiliary Gym

  • Indoor basketball courts in RIMAC's Auxiliary Gym

The Auxiliary Gym covers approximately 12,000 square feet (open space of 122' x 94') and can be configured multiple ways.

The gym features 2 court gymnasiums that can be divided by a drop-down curtain for:

  • Volleyball (2 courts)
  • Badminton (6 courts)
  • Indoor soccer
  • Dodgeball
  • Basketball (equipped with 6 retractable glass backboards for play in 2 directions)

The Auxiliary Gym has a wooden floor made of Robbins Bio-Cushion I, and rounded corners for indoor soccer and hockey.

Available Equipment:

  • 2 sets of volleyball standards with nets
  • 2 volleyball officiating stands with protective padding
  • 6 sets of badminton standards with nets
  • Scoring tables
  • Folding chairs

Other nearby spaces:

basketball volleyball basketball volleyball

Informal Court Times

See this week's calendar of open recreation hours to learn when courts are open.

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