Outdoor Courts and Sporting Sites

  • North Campus tennis courts

  • Most tennis courts are lighted, and the North Campus courts have bleacher seating

UC San Diego is home to a number of outdoor basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts. The mild, year-round climate is an ideal place for outdoor sports and recreation.

Many of our courts are centrally located and can be utilized for single use or larger events. Campus housing is in close proximity to the outdoor facilities, which facilitates scheduling of summer camps and other events. Also featured are our parcourse and archery range.

Tennis Courts

All of our tennis courts except Coast are lighted, and the North Campus courts have bleacher seating that can accommodate up to 210 at maximum capacity.

  • Muir 1-6
  • Coast 18
  • Marshall 17
  • Warren 15, 16
  • North Campus 7-14

Sand Volleyball Courts

The sand volleyball courts measure 60' x 30' and can be separated into smaller courts measuring 30' x 30'.

  • Muir North 1, 2
  • Muir South 3, 4
  • Warren 1, 2

Outdoor Basketball Courts

  • Muir (3):  Each court measures 95' x 50' and has a 6-foot separation between each court
  • Revelle (2): Lighted courts measuring 85' x 50'
  • Warren (1): Lighted court measuring 94' x 50'

Fitness Parcourse

Located off of John Jay Hopkins and Voigt Drive, it features:

  • 20 parcourse stations on a cross-country dirt track
  • Emergency call boxes (located at entrance and after station 13)
  • Measures 3.1 miles or 5,000 meters
  • Located east of the baseball field

A 2-story structure has a variety of climbing uses, as well as a pulley system.

Archery Range

  • Located on the sports deck of the East Campus Parking Structure on Campus Point Drive
  • 10 firing stations
basketball volleyball basketball volleyball

Informal Court Times

See this week's calendar of open recreation hours to learn when courts are open.

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