Main Gym: Upper Level Balconies

  • Weight room and cardio machines in North Balcony

The weight room on the Main Gym's North Balcony is approximately 110' x26' with both cardio and weight machines.

The South Balcony is a hardwood floor area of approximately 110' x 26' primarily used for gymnastics classes run by Campus Recreation.

The West Balcony is approximately 63' x 23' and features:

  • Hardwood floor
  • Dance area features continuous mirror and ballet bar across the 63' west wall
  • Partial plexiglass wall on east side offering view down to the main gym court

Main Gym Weight Room Guidelines:

This facility is here for the use by all patrons; please observe the following guidelines.

  1. You must show your validated I.D. to the attendant and sign the liability waiver before every use of the weight training facility.
  2. Demonstrate weight room courtesy in the weight room at all times.
  3. If you don't know how to use a piece of equipment, please ask the attendant. Do not use the equipment without proper knowledge.
  4. Replace your weights. Equipment is not to be left on the machines or on the floor. Do not lean weights on machines or walls.
  5. The use of collars is mandatory on free weights at all times.
  6. Proper attire must be worn at all times. specifically, shirts, sweats or shorts, and athletic shoes; no open-toed shoes permitted.
  7. No food, gum, cups, or tobacco allowed. Water bottles and Walkman-style headphones are allowed.
  8. Respect for the facility and equipment must be demonstrated at all times.
  9. You must have a terrycloth towel to enter the facility. Please wipe machines and equipment off after use.
  10. Immediately report any weight room-related injury or facility/equipment irregularity to the attendant on duty.
  11. Bags are not permitted on the weight room lobby floor. please place them in designated spaces.
  12. Facility guidelines must be observed by all users, participants, and patrons assisted by University personal trainers and instructors.
  13. Personal trainers not employed by the University of California, San Diego are unauthorized and not permitted.

These guidelines exist for the safety and respect of all patrons. Attendants reserve the right to ask anyone to leave for failure to comply with these guidelines.

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